Yes, A Discourse did dissolve.

letter 1
Exerts from letters written to the citizens of NC
Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Divorce
by Tammi Joyner/Marquel Green 2012
-A new horizon is on its way, no longer will I pattern myself in pretense…
-In our endeavor to clarify our boundries,
I find it incredibly important to employ
the recollection of our past in order to prepare a safe future…
-Conduct, Codes, Categories are all used to separate things that do not belong together…
-Health is the life force that sustains us all…Our bodys represent who we are and who we are trying to be…
-Our collage of clothing and other ornamentations tell tales of our moods and metality…
-Manipulation has lead to an overbearing ordeal, a situation of swindlers…Not a manifestation of wealth and love,
but rather an infestation…The idea of working the “Untouchables” insulted many…The “Word” moved like a movement…
They continue to flex…

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