Valentine’s Day 365 Days a year

Valentines Day 365 Days a Year by Tammi Joyner

(Speaker)What should I say to you on Valentines Day that I wouldn’t or shouldn’t say to you in the middle of May? (Speaker)I love to show how much I care each and everyday! (Speaker)My feeling are genuine and true in the love I convey! (Speaker)Now tell me what’s with this once a year fondness on Valentines Day?

(Chorus) It’s a celebration of love some might say! (Chorus)True love and affection can not wait, this is the mistake that too many people make!

(Speaker)I would faint, I would weaken, I would tire, thoughtfulness, kindness, and tenderness

daily I require! (Speaker)My lover, My friend together there is true devotion, I will wrap you in a blanket of

sensativity and emotion! (Speaker)Now tell me, why should we delay the joy that warms our hearts, Allowing others to

control our life parts? (Speaker)We should not hold back, we should never hear until Valentines Day is 365 days a year!


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