In Control of Me by Tammi Joyner (Journal Dec 2014)


Short Story-Memoir

Dear Journal:

December 10, 2014, I’m in Manhattan, NY!

Recent Entry to the “The Voice”, Song title, ” Lord Have Mercy On Me”, song written by Tammi Joyner, dedicated to Marquel Green!
“The Voice” TV Program, All Star Cast i.e. Judges: Gwen and Country Favorite Male Artist Blake etc…

The Order of ReverbNation: To enter the contestants from the Reverbnation Website,
by registration to The Voice Singing Competition,(only 5 slots)! 
Contestants are to send an MP3!
I am not sure of supporting data given on each Artist for judging purposes!

Five (5), ReverbNation Artist will be selected to audition! (At the top  of the list!)

Thought: (I can do my own predictions of “Lord Have Mercy On Me”! – “Singer, Songwriter, Ms. Tammi Joyner”!)  
Well, it’s a slim chance but I can say, “I tried!” (Only 5 slots!)  

Thought: To enter feels good!

(Rant)On the other side…

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