Happy 4th Anniversary to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com has been in service for four years.

The Creators Marquel Green and Tammi Joyner have been working faithfully to bring parent/teen topics to our audience.

We enjoy the show.

We plan to bring more to public.

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Violet – by Tammi Joyner


You radiant flower, don’t forget that you are Blue,

African, Black American, and Negro…true

Variant Hues, you all are blue

Baby Blue, Light Blue and Royal Blue too

Soft Lilac this is my salutation

Purple’s offspring: Such An Idle Vocation No, No, I did not forget you

On the whiter side but also Blue

Radiant Purple you are a compound…still Blue

Red you two combine to make this notation true

Roses are red and Violets are Blue

I remembered you all because you all are Blue!

2:44 PM 5/29/2013 Written by Tammi Joyner 10:47 AM 9/27/2013 Excerpt from Trend Setters @ Recovery High School

Gas Poison by Tammi Joyner

They had no bathroom shit rose to their knees

the stinch was so bad

I thought I’d get a disease

vapors were pure turds

that they did breath

roaches were everywhere

mice gave them comp(competition)

the floors almost broke when anyone would stomp

the place was cold

Cold as before(down south)

but they did have better locks on thier doors

termites came, they ate the brick foundation

this shit did not happen to a third world nation

it happened to folks in New Jersey

a poor property


Car, Betty, Jae, and MC poor as before

They became fatigue at that place

They left the gas on several times

They are failures to the human race



In Apt. 1 and Apt. 2

They left the gas on

Their behavior is not new

Gas Poison

But why myself and my son

we will live better

A happy clean home

no roaches

no mice

just a good life

remember to turn the gas OFF!